Why do western powers support Israel´s crimes?

Why has the western world for 60 years supported the atrocities of Israel against their neighbours?
Maybe in order to protect the western elite´s interest-based fractional reserve money system from the dangerous influence the good example of a more rational non-interest-based money system promoted by Islamic law would have on it.

Boycott Israel, Divest from Israel, Sanction Israel

Nothing else can stop Israel´s crimes against the Palestinian people and against Israel´s other neighbours.
Like everywhere else in the world, several demonstrations and action protests have been staged in Iceland against the most recent of Israel´s atrocities, the attacks on the besieged long-suffering people of Gaza living in their open air concentration camp. More protests including sit-ins, day and night vigils and hunger strikes in front of the seat of the Icelandic government  in solidarity with the hungry and now home-less people of Gaza are expected.In this way the government and the Icelandic Universities are being pressured to cut all official political and academic connections to the state of Israel until the occupation of the Westbank, Gaza and East-Jerusalem has ended. And although most Icelanders would support this, they have learned that their government doesn´t listen to them. Like all western governments, the Icelandic government has sold out the last inches of decency and morality to a vague notion of “national interest”: We may not anger the powerful of this world.

But the Israeli occupation of Palestine and all the crimes against humanity, which have followed this occupation for the last 60 years have become a symbol for all that is wrong in this world.
For the Islamic world this occupation is the most open expression of the western cultural, economic and military domination over their own lands and cultures.

If we people of good will, we Christians or democratic Humanists of the western world, will not find a way to show our absolute opposition to the repeated and seemingly never-ending crimes of the state of Israel by putting pressure on it, we will eventually find ourselves in a general war with all of the Islamic world.

There are economic and political powers within western countries, who strive for exactly this kind of outcome. While those sociopaths see war as being in their interest, the rest of us know, that every war is a catastrophe for all of humanity.

Lord Weidenfeld of London, a British power broker, with enormous influence within economic and political circles in Britain, Germany and other European countries wrote an opinion piece in one of the largest German newspapers “die Welt”, which belongs to the largest German newspaper-corporation “Springer-Verlag”. Weidenfeld is part owner and sits on the board of directors there.
He writes, that, in his opinion,  a third world war would be inevitable. It would have to be fought against the Islamic world in order to protect our “western civilisation”, and would mostly be fought in the Middle East. This new World War would eventually lead to more casualties than WWI and WWII.

The American Neocon thinktank PNAC has, as most of us know, formulated a disturbingly insane strategy paper promoting an age of unending American wars (with the help of NATO countries), using all means of weaponry, including nuclear and biological, in order to protect American primacy in the world.
Some of the very same authors had earlier written a strategy paper for Israel´s former, and possibly future, Prime Minister Netanyahu called “Securing the Realm”. In there they propose a series of wars with Israel´s neighbouring countries, with the help of Israel´s allies America and Britain, of course, to break those neighbouring countries into smaller units along ethnic and religious-sectarian lines. Only by doing this, the paper suggests, Israel would stay the militarily and economically strongest nation in the region.
This policy paper does not propose a new concept. It only reiterates and clarifies positions which have been taken since the inception of the Zionist state of Israel. One can read them for instance in the 1980 policy paper written by Ynon Oded (as translated be the late human rights activist Israel Shahak) or in the diaries of first Israeli Prime Minister Ben Gurion and in his correspondence with his collegue Moshe Sharet.

Now it could be argued that these policies are just written down by Zionist extremists, they have nothing to do with the rest of the world.
But why is Israel so often protected and supported by the governments of the western world in these kind of policies and in all it´s war-crimes and crimes against humanity ?
Why does the western mass-media conveniently leave out all context of earlier Israeli war-crimes and all the accounts of crimes against humanity,  discrimination, dispossession of land and buildings, destruction of infrastructure, schools, hospitals, universities, power-plants water-treatment facilities?
Why do our media outlets outlets barely ever report  of the widespread and systematic use of physical and psychological torture against Palestinian and Lebanese prisoners?
Why does the media not report about the many terrible acts of humiliation of prisoners and of their use for medical experiments, like the testing of new and untested drugs on them without their permission?
Why does the media never talk about the mistreatment of Palestinian children and women by Israeli soldiers with little or no provocation at all? The evidence for these crimes have come from Israeli soldiers themselves, as well as from human rights organizations.
Why does the media treat every single Israeli military campaign against Palestinians, Lebanese or Syrians as if it was the first one and only provoked by some mysterious Arabic violence against helpless Israeli victims?
Why does the media leave out all the terrible acts of reoccurring Israeli violence and oppression the people of Palestine, Lebanon and Syria had to suffer before they became so “mysteriously” violent themselves?
Why is the tiny 5 Million people state of Israel allowed to act in such a morally insane manner and provoke so much anger in their neighbours, that it eventually spills out onto the western world?

Some people say, that the Zionist project to create a Jewish state in Palestine was promoted and is still protected by western powers no matter how Israel behaves, in order to gain a better hold on the resource wealth of the Middle Eastern countries, especially the oil and gas resources.
This argument does not make a lot of sense, since the anger which is created by Israel´s crimes against their neighbors within the general population of the Middle East makes it a lot harder for American and European powers to protect the dictatorial client- and puppet regimes which the west props up in those countries. Those little dictators have to keep up a large security apparatus to stay in power, and they are still always in danger of a coup coming from inside this security apparatus. And the oil installations are actually a lot harder to protect from acts of sabotage in a  region made volatile by anger over so much injustice.

Other people see as reason for western powers support of Israel´s crimes, the fact that many rich and powerful Americans and Europeans have emotional and family ties with Israel, and that they are able to lobby the politicians for the Zionist cause by financing their election campaigns.
There is probably some truth to this argument. Harvard Professors Mearsheimer and Walt make good case for this in their well-researched paper “The Israel Lobby”.

However this does not explain, why so many powerful people with no ethnic or religious connection to Jewish or Christian Zionism support Israel in all it´s crimes.

It´s recent events here in Iceland which might give us a clue to why Israel is allowed to behave the way it does.

In 2003 the Icelandic government under Prime Minister David Oddson privatized the Icelandic Banks. He had been persuaded to do so by his advisers from the third largest banking corporation in the world the British bank HSBC (The HSBC by the way has the sordid history of having once been the bank which financed the Opium trade from India to China after the Chinese had lost the Opium war. The Chinese government had tried to stop the British East India Company to dump Opium into China. The Opium was destroying the Chinese middle class and the Brits received Chinese resources and goods from the addicts under value.)

The Icelandic government had been promised that by privatising their banking system, foreign investors would pour their money into the Iceland economy. This would help the country to better diversify it´s export industry so it would no longer be solely depended on the fluctuating export value of  fish and fish-products on the international markets. These British and other foreign consultants also persuaded the Icelandic government not to put any limits on the private banks with any laws beyond the very liberal laws of the European Union. The Icelandic banks were then encouraged by their foreign consultants” to expand without limits. Their “strong business concepts” were hailed endlessly and they were told that since they had such a diverse investment strategy that there would be no danger whatsoever for a possible bankruptcy.

It was the British banker Mark Sismey-Durrant, who had started his career at the HSBC, who became the managing director of Landsbanki´s British branch. Sismey-Durrant, who is a committee member of the “Guild of International Bankers”, rubbing shoulders with some of the most powerful bankers in Britain, started the Icesave saving accounts in Britain and then in other European countries.

At first foreign money did stream in and the economy started to boom and the housing prices went through the roof. The Icelandic central tried to keep the economy from overheating by increasing the interest rates. But the banks undercut all those efforts by offering Icelanders loans in foreign currencies. And then in the beginning of 2008 foreign hedge funds began betting against the Icelandic currency and more and foreign investors pulled out of the Icelandic banks. This let to a cash shortage in the Icelandic banking system.The Icelandic banks then had no choice  than taking short time loans from other banks and the Icelandic central bank tried to get loans from other central banks to back up the banks. But the European and American central banks and other financial institutes which before had enthusiastically encouraged the expansion of the Icelandic banks now refused any loans whatsoever. With the crash of Lehman Brothers all inter-bank loans dried up and the Icelandic central bank only had enough foreign money to save one bank.
For a while now, the Icelandic government and leaders of the central bank had realized that they had been tricked into a situation where the whole Icelandic economy would be victim to a hostile take-over by the British banks, who had been the “consultants” that had tricked the Icelandic government into the privatisation of their country´s banking system. John Perkins who once worked as such a “consultant” in South America tells us that they usually call themselves “Economic Hitmen”.
So the government decided to renationalize the banks and cut the foreign businesses of those banks from the domestic businesses. This action was supposed to protect the domestic financial system and make the foreign parts of the banks with their large assets responsible for their foreign debts. It was assumed that these assets (since the Icelandic banks had no American sub-prime loan derivatives on their balance sheets) would, if they were sold in a regular manner and not under fire-sale conditions, be able to cover most of those foreign debts.

However, when the government tried to save the Icelandic economy from certain collapse, this was the moment, when Iceland,together with Landsbanki and the Icelandic central bank were set on the list of “terrorism supporting countries and terrorist organisations” by the British government.   Others on this list are Hamas, Hezbollah and Iran.
Icelandic assets where frozen abroad and the country was for a whole months completely cut off from the international trading markets, neither exports not imports by Icelandic could be paid for. This financial siege ended only when Iceland conceded to the financial control of the IMF and to take over the debts made be the private banks onto the Icelandic public.The assets which had some value before their frozen by the British government have now practically lost most of their value and will no longer be able to cover the debts.  Like developing countries before, Iceland is now encumbered by debts, which the small population of the country will never be able to repay.

The series of events, which led to Iceland having ended up on the “supporters of terrorism” list, makes it quite clear what “terrorism” and the “war against terrorism” is all about. It has nothing whatsoever to do with any acts of violence  performed or supported by the countries or organisations on this list, instead those people and countries are considered “terrorists or supporters of terrorism”  whose protective actions are considered to go against the interests of the largest western banking corporations and their main share-holders.

Many political writers have  already come to the conclusion that the “war against terrorism” is in reality a war against the religion and the people of Islam.
The western banking corporations see the whole religion of Islam as a danger to their interests.
Because the Islamic banking and financial system according to Sharia law does not allow the taking of interest for the lending of money.

Interest-free money is an idea that is shared by Christian, humanist and environmental organisations in the west as well. The idea of interest-free money has been developed and promoted in western countries since the 1920s. However, the organizations which support this alternative money concept in the western world are small and without much influence.
In the Islamic world, however, interest-free money is part of the obligatory religious rule for a sovereign Islamic country with a constitution based on Islamic law.

While we in the western world disagree with Islamic culture on several issues, there is this one part in which Islamic culture is far more progressive than our western: the Islamic banking and financial system.
Some South-American countries are already taking lessons from the Iranian financial and banking system trying to develop a similar system for their own region.

If the Islamic financial system would become  a good example for developing countries and even western industrial countries, today’s western financial elites would loose their power over the political system of the western world.

And this is exactly the reason why the Islamic peoples of the world are portrayed as the “enemy of the west” and why Israel is supported and encouraged in it´s criminal behavior. The helpless anger Israel´s neighbours feel about the injustice that is being done to the Palestinian and to themselves is being used by western intelligence agencies to create patsies for false flag attacks on western targets.
These “Islamic terrorist-attacks” attacks are then in turn being used to create anger among the western population against the Islamic countries of the Middle East. Young westerners can now be turned into anti-Islamic crusaders, and WWIII can start.

Telling the truth about Israel´s crimes and the boycott of Israel are the most important preventions against a general war.
Of course, in order for the world to have a chance for more justice and peace, other lies, than those the mainline media tells us about Israel, must be debunked and other truths must be told.
For instance the lies told about 9/11 must be debunked, as well as the lies about “global warming”. And the truth must be told about what really happened in Bosnia, Kosovo for these events effect European policy still today. And the truth about Ruanda must be told, for the lies are now killing the people in the Congo.

We have a long way ahead of us to set the record straight in the mind of the western public against all those deadly lies. But wise men have said, that every journey starts with the first step. And stopping Israel´s crimes against humanity now is the first step on the way to peace,the first step we have to take.


Notes and resources:

Documentaries and articles about the occupation of Palestine and Israel´s war-crimes against the Palestinians and other peoples

Chris Hedges: The Language of Death
The Israeli decision to rain death and destruction on Gaza, to use the lethal weapons of the modern battlefield on a largely defenseless civilian population, is the final phase of the decades-long campaign to ethnically cleanse Palestinians. The assault on Gaza is about creating squalid, lawless and impoverished ghettos where life for Palestinians will be barely sustainable. It is about building ringed Palestinian enclaves where Israel will always have the ability to shut off movement, food, medicine and goods to perpetuate misery. The Israeli attack on Gaza is about building a hell on earth.
Zionist militias commit acts of terrorism against British soldiers and Palestinian civilians in Palestine under British Mandate

Occupation 101
Comprehensive Documentary on the history of the occupation of Palestine since the beginning

Breaking the silence

Former Israeli soldiers speak about their experiences as occupiers in the West-Bank

Peace, Propaganda and the Promised Land: Media & the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Former Israeli soldiers describe their war-crimes committed in occupied Gaza in the 1990s to Israeli psychologist Nufar Yishai-Karin

The Blame Game in Gaza: Covering for Israel, Concealing War Crimes

Israel troops shooting Palestinian paramedics in Jabaliya

Al Jazeera Exposes Israeli Use of White Phosphorus on Civilians

Doctors in the Gaza strip say Israel is using unconventional weapons on the civilian population

Attacks on and Occupation of South Lebanon

The Zionists interests in Lebanon date back to the beginning of their colonization project in late 19th century.
In the process of drawing the maps of their alleged entity, the Zionists aimed at a northern border that runs along the Litani river in Lebanon…..

It comes as no surprise, thus, that the first stage of their occupation of the South, in March 1978, was named “The Litani Operation.”

The Sabra and Shatila Massacre (16-18 September 1982)

For 40 hours in September 1982, members of the Israeli-allied Lebanese Phalangist militia raped, killed, and injured a large number of unarmed civilians, mostly children, women and elderly people inside the encircled and sealed Sabra and Shatila camps. The estimate of victims varies between 700 (the official Israeli figure) to 3,500….
According to statements made by Ariel Sharon on 22 September 1982 in the Knesset (Israeli parliament), the decision that the Phalangists should enter the refugee camps was made on Wednesday, 15 September 1982 at 15.30. Also according to General Sharon, the Israeli Command had received the following instruction: “[t]he Tsahal forces are forbidden to enter the refugee camps. The ‘mopping-up’ of the camps will be carried out by the Phalanges or the Lebanese army.”
(24 May 2000 )after 22 years, Israel withdraws from Lebanon
By Robert Fisk

Israel’s 22-year occupation was universally despised and the many casualties inflicted were discounted.
By Hussein Ibish

In the 2006 Lebanon War, Most Crimes Were Israeli
by Jonathan Cook

The Qana massacres 2006 and 1996

The repeated missile strikes, launched in the dead of night while the targeted victims were asleep, reduced a four-story apartment building and nearby houses to rubble, killing at least 57 residents, including 37 children….
The massacre of civilians is nothing new for the Israeli ruling elite. Ten years ago, during the last major Israeli incursion into Lebanon, Israeli artillery destroyed a United Nations base in the very same village —Qana. More than 100 civilians who had taken refuge in the base were killed.

Israel executes unarmed Egyptian prisoners of war and targets Palestinian children
The Israeli army followed the same (Nazi) method of executing
prisoners of war especially during 1956 and 1967 Israeli-Egyptian wars. This
was reported in the Israeli Haaretz newspaper in June 27th 2000. The
Egyptian Human Rights Organization Secretary-General, Muhammad Munib,
submitted a report confirming that Israel had killed between 7,000 to 15,000
Egyptian prisoners of wars of 1956 and 1967. The report also identified the
locations of 11 mass graves in Sinai and Israel in which thousands of
Egyptian prisoners were buried.
The most prominent of these massacres was the El-Arish massacre, where
Israeli forces murdered at least 150 Egyptian prisoners of war
The 1956 Lavon affair: Israel attempts false flag terrorist attacks against British and American targets in Egypt

The 1967 Israeli attack on the USS Liberty
(Retired Admiral Thomas) Moorer, who as top legal council to the official investigation is in a position to know, agrees that Israel intended to sink the USS Liberty and blame Egypt for it, thus dragging the United States into a war on Israel’s behalf.

Documentaries on the history of the western monetary system and on alternatives :

Money as Debt
(40 mínútur)

Money Masters
(3 og hálf klukkutímar)

Articles on the current monetary crisis and alternative systems:

Financial Warfare and the Future of Global Bank Power

Federal Reserve sets stage for Weimar-style Hyperinflation

Monetary Reform and How a National Monetary System Should Work

Alternative Currencies( to further local and green production) Grow in Popularity

Islamic Banking: Theory and Practice in Iran

The (Catholic) Social Credit proposals explained in 10 lessons

G.K. Chesterton and Dorothy Day on Economics: Neither Socialism nor Capitalism

Manila strikes secret rice deal with Hanoi (outside of the financial markets)

The man-made climate-change theory debunked:

Video: The Great Global Warming Swindle

More Than 650 International Scientists Dissent Over Man-Made Global Warming Claims

Professor: Big Money Behind Global Warming Propaganda

Wall Street sets the Stage for the Next Big Heist

Documentaries  on the questions of 9/11:
A German documentary:
“911 False Flag”

An Italian documentary:

An American documentary:
“911 Mysteries”-Demolitions

Articles on the real, but generally suppressed, facts about the wars in Bosnia, Kosovo, Rwanda and now in the Congo:

Srebrenica Revisited

Remembering Yugoslavia: Managed News and Weapons of Mass Destruction

The United Nations Contributed to the Establishment of a Mafia-State in Kosovo

HOTEL RWANDA: Hollywood and the Holocaust in Central Africa

China and the Congo Wars: AFRICOM – America’s New Military Command



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